Cloud Mobile Forms is a Zoho CRM/Creator qualified and experienced consulting firm that specializes in helping companies to design and implement a Zoho CRM solution complemented with our experience on sales & marketing coaching methodologies.

Our business consultants are here for you as a resource; when you need us. We can assist you with the implementation of special projects, or with the customization of your Zoho CRM to meet the specific fuctionality requirements or reporting needs of your Business. We have experts in many fields, most with decades of experience, ready to assist you in meeting or exceeding your objectives.

Some of the Zoho CRM customizations readily available for you are :

  • SMS for Zoho CRM - Commnicate with your clients via text messaging just as you do with email directy from your Zoho CRM .
  • Call Center for Zoho CRM - Customize your own Call Center workflow and call disposition with Zoho Creator Call Center app fully integrated with Zoho CRM
  • Lead Generation via your EMail - Empower your Zoho CRM to create leads in real time with your incoming emails from any of your present lead generation tools 
  • Email Contact information  to  Zoho CRM  -  seamlessly grab any contact information form any email and create a Lead or Contact 
  • Integration of Zoho CRM with Quickbooks 
  • Custom Quoting,  Sales Ordering and Invoicing systems with Zoho Creator fully integrated with your Zoho CRM to meet your specific sales requirements such as online catalogs with pictures and many other needs. 

We have done several projects for both large and medium firms in various industries such as financial, retail, distribution, manufacturing, and others, and we look forward to learning more about your specific needs and see how can we help.